12 Feb

<By Izabel Hoyos>

I’ve always been fascinated by hands. What are they capable of? What have they created? What can they tell me about the person? What wrinkles, age spots, hang nails, rough and sinewy or baby smooth skin characterizes them?  These are just a few of the hands that inspired me during my travels in South America.


The Miner

Caldas, Colombia. Gold Mine. José, 43, a miner who has worked in the gold mines since he was fourteen, shows me his gas lamp


The Coconut Seller

El Choco, Colombia, On a hot, humid,crowded, and smelly street market of Quibdó, the coconut juice seller was king. It took some convincing to take this man's picture, yet after I bought 3 deliciously chilled coconuts, he reluctantly approved. El Choco is the poorest and blackest region in Colombia, and any outsider is seen with much suspicion and disdain.


The Lime Lady

Granada, Nicargua, A middle aged lady who was pushing a cart full of limes on the cobble stone streets of colonial Granada. When I asked her why limes? She responded: "this is the only thing I can grow on my land, so I have to sell limes." When life gives you lemons....


The Ice Cream Man

Granada, Nicaragua, A elderly man pushing his Ice Cream cart around the main plaza of Granada. He was very popular with the tourists and the kids.


The Young Boy

Nicaragua, A young boy who should've been in school proudly shows me his rock collection, which he's gathered from working alongside his mother clearing out dusty country roads.


Izabel Hoyos is  a budding video activist who is working, living and traveling in Colombia. She is also the producer for a feature length documentary about large scale  gold mining and it’s rappacious effects on communities and the environment.  You can find more about the film at http://www.facebook.com/marmatomovie .


One Response to “Hands”

  1. robin's mom February 15, 2011 at 6:42 pm #

    isa, these are lovely!

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