Contribute to WHILE I WAS AWAY

While I Was Away was created to be a venue for travelers to share their experiences, and welcomes any non-fiction short story, poem, or visuals that reflect your interaction with a place you do not call home (the meaning of home being open to interpretation).  There is only one rule: that your piece is based on a real interaction that you had with a place–whether it be with another person, the physical setting or the culture.

Right now, we are looking for stories about: HEAT. Send your stories about when you were traveling in a hot place. Readers need to feel the burn, the sweat and the stickiness, but it shouldn’t be the central theme of the story. Send your story to as a Word attachment or in the body of an email.  Please include a short, three sentence mini-bio written in third person.

If your story:

  • is about spring break in Cancun
  • disrespects a place, culture or person
  • does not give agency to the people of the place you visited
  • is about doing charity work

….then it will probably not be accepted


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